Willow’s Numerology Picks

From time to time ​I let my daughter choose cards for the week. Her insight is amazing when she’s not trying to be a big goofball. It is easier for children to connect to the Divine energy because they haven’t yet been programmed by other & society.

Here are Willow’s picks from the Numerology Oracle cards, by Michelle Buchanan, to take you through the week. Sit and breathe 3 deep breaths to center yourself before reading. 💜

44 ENVIRONMENT – Time to focus on the environment and learning more of what is happening behind the scenes and how you can make an impact. Honor Mother Earth as living and breathing being. Also encouraging you to adjust to and harmonize with the natural rhythms and cycles of your life.

1 NEW BEGINNINGS – Time of new beginnings and opening yourself up to your inner knowing of what steps you need to take next. Encouraging you to find the courage & inner strength to step into the unknown. Let yourself feel the fear yet do it anyway and create a new life.

33 COMMUNICATION – Time to communicate your thoughts and feelings and have the courage to speak your truth. Step out of the fear & judgements from others and express yourself honestly. Encouraging you to express yourself freely through writing, singing, speaking, dance, music, acting, art. Honest communication is key.

99 COMPASSION – Time to be compassionate & kind to yourself and others. You are being asked to look beyond your judgements to see what lies beneath. Encourages to open your heart and mind to see yourself & others through the eyes of love. By doing this you are aligning yourself to the Divine.


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